Welcome to DiaTech®

A Personalized Approach To Cancer Therapy

We are a clinical pathology lab that offers patient-specific chemotherapy testing to help oncologists determine the best cancer treatment plans for their patients. DiaTech uses a patented technology called the Microculture Kinetic (MiCK) assay® , which measures apoptosis (cell death) induced in a specific patient’s cancer cells by chemotherapy.

DiaTech’s assay is the only test on the market that evaluates the chemotherapeutic drug effect for a specific patient and can tell which chemotherapy drugs are most effective. The assay has been used successfully in more than 50 different tumor types.

The MiCK assay is the only test available that reveals to the treating oncologist the most effective chemotherapy for inducing cell death in the malignant cells of a particular patient. The MiCK assay can guide use of dominant therapy in individual patients, leading to improved outcomes, including longer survival times and lower cost. The DiaTech assay plays a significant role in both personalized clinical therapy and in more efficient drug development.

– Dr. Cary Presant, DiaTech Chief Medical Officer